Chapter 1 - Section 16

Questions for Reflection

  1. Compare and contrast the accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians with those of the Sumerians. In what ways were they similar? In what ways were they different?
  2. Explain why we are now able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  3. Describe the Code of Hammurabi. Explain why it is considered a significant milestone in the history of the Western tradition.
  4. Analyze the significance of the accomplishments of the ancient Hebrews.
  5. Explain the great achievements for which the Phoenicians are known.
  6. Discuss three contributions of the ancient Greeks. In your view, evaluate one of their greatest achievements.
  7. Summarize the Pax Romana. Explain its importance in the Western tradition.
  8. List and briefly describe the importance of three contributions of the ancient Romans to history.
  9. Discuss the role of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.
  10. Select three famous individuals of the Renaissance and briefly explain the accomplishments of each.
  11. Describe the impact of the Protestant Reformation upon the development of the history of Modern Europe.
  12. Construct a summary of the cultural inheritance of the Modern European world from two of the eras described in this chapter.
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