Chapter 1 - Section 17



     Explain the concept of cultural heritage or inheritance. Describe how the process unfolds in history. Give one or two examples to support your explanation. Discuss the related concept of cultural diffusion or its other name, cultural borrowing. Evaluate the importance of these concepts for the understanding of the topic of Modern European civilization. Be sure to back up your contentions with facts, examples and key dates.


     Using the websites suggested above or other scholarly sources complete the following assignment.

Create a Visual of Key Elements of the Cultural Heritage of Modern Europe

Directions: Construct a chart, diagram, poster or table (spread sheet is fine) that includes the information listed below.

  • Name of Civilization or Culture
  • Key Dates of the Civilization or Culture
  • Location/Geography
  • Major Contributions to Modern European Civilization
  • Name of Important, Representative Individuals; Give Examples

     Note: Be sure all parts of your visual are labeled and there is an appropriate title.

Prompts and Additional Resources:


     Select one of the civilizations or eras described in this chapter and evaluate the significance of its contributions to the Western Heritage. Use facts and examples including key dates to support your interpretations of history.

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