Chapter 1

Introductory Background

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introductory Background
Section 2: Our Cultural Heritage Begins: A Brief Overview
Section 3: Ancient Empires, Kingdoms and Civilizations
                    Ancient Egypt
Section 4: Ancient Sumer
                    The Babylonians
Section 5: Ancient Hebrews
Section 6: Aramaeans
                      Ancient Assyrians
Section 7: The Lydians
                     The Chaldeans or Second Babylonian Empire
                     The Persians
                     The Ancient Greeks
Section 8: The Golden Age: Contributions
Section 9: Ancient Roman Contributions to Western Civilization
Section 10: Early Christianity and the Catholic Church
Section 11: Medieval Connections: The Middle Ages and Feudal Europe
                       Christianity and the Role of the Catholic Church
                       The Heritage of Western Civilization from the Middle Ages
Section 12: The Beginning of Modern Western Civilization: Early Modern Europe
                       The Renaissance from the 14th to the 17th Centuries
Section 13: The Protestant Reformation Beginning in 1517
Section 14: Summary
Section 15: Selected Internet Sites
Section 16: Questions for Reflection
Section 17: WebQuest
Section 18: Suggested Readings